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About Dry SKi

DrySkiFloor was born in 2010 thanks to the great passion for ski slope sports. We aim to realize ski slopes made from synthetic materials covered snowless places where need snowboard and snow tube. After years of innovation and test, 3 types of dry ski flooring surface has been innovated by DrySkiFloor with very low friction just like real snow. On DrySkiFloor you can practice the disciplines of down hill Nordic skiing, snowboarding and snow tubing anywhere with normal ski equipments. Also you don't need to worry the surface may damage your gears. Thanks to qualitative product and professional before sales and after sales service, TopJoy artificial ski slope surface is appearing in more and more places around the world like USA, Spain, Russia,Sweden, France, UK, Philippines, Chile, India etc. And we always try to anticipate the needs of the market creating successful dry ski floor that are a benefit to their clients and the people who use them.

  • Heavy Traffic
  • High Wear
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