Indoor And Outdoor Dry Ski Slope Plastic Flooring

The property of moderate friction makes it more effectively to shock-absorption. It is a wonderful invention to balance the speed and safety. Dry ski slope possesses super-hydrophobic performance when in moisture it still contains stable property.

Product Details

Indoor And Outdoor Dry Ski Slope Plastic Flooring


  • Good bounce force: moderate friction which satisfies motion requires.
  • Enough vertical buffering power: protecting skiers from injury.
  • Easy to install and remove, need no glue.
  • Primary structure and material¬†

Dry ski slopes are excellent attractions to equip entertainments centers, leisure parks, ski schools and other play areas. It is can be used all year round 24/7. Do you know what makes it outstanding? Advanced manufacture equipment and implementation of the latest technologies make the perfect products. The size of artificial ski slope is designed 220mm*220mm or 242mm*242mm which is the best in terms of its resilience force as well as its easy installation. 



Model : DS-C220R

Size:220mm*220mm, 242mm*242mm


Color:Black,green,white red and customized

Application:Outdoor & Indoor Dry Skiing

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